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In order to provide the clearest possible communication for our visitors, we now have separate websites showcasing our web design and software services.

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Data Plans

Most websites do not need anything larger than the Starter Package. However, for website whose content is rapidly increasing over time, there is the option to upgrade the data plan for increased capacity. Additionally, you can always go a-la-carte and pick only what you need.

Please visit the FAQ for more details.

X1 Data Plan: Starter Package (Included for all websites)

  • 2,000 daily page views (60,000 page views/month)
  • 1 GB of outgoing daily bandwidth, the data sent over the network to your visitors
  • 1 GB disk space for photo and documents
  • 50 MB database space

X2 Data Plan, $89

  • 4,000 daily page views
  • 2 GB of outgoing bandwidth per month. 
  • 2 GB disk space for photo and documents
  • 100 MB database space

X4 Data Plan, $249

  • 8,000 daily page views 
  • 4 GB of outgoing bandwidth per month. 
  • 4 GB disk space for photo and documents
  • 200 MB database space


  • Additional 1000 page views/day: $9
  • Additional 500 MB disk space: $9
  • Additional 50 MB database space: $49
  • Additional 1 GB of daily bandwidth: $9

Website Pricing

All Buildable-powered websites involve two price components:

  • Template Setup: Initial variable fee to design and build the website.
    Click here to learn more about template setup pricing. 
  • Monthly Package: Ongoing monthly fee for hosting, maintenance, licensing, upgrades, backups and customer support. 
    Click here to learn more about monthly package pricing. 

Additional Services

In addition to providing web design and hosting, Buildable provides consulting, SEO, and custom programming.
Click here to learn more about additional services pricing. 

LVSYS now offers WordPress hosting, offering the same world class security, update, and monitoring systems that our LVSYS sites feature.
Click here to learn more about our WordPress hosting services.

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