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Drive more traffic to your site by adding a business directory - make a difference

Our business directory is here to help you drive more traffic to your site. It's a simple feature similar to the event calendar and the article plugins. You can sort your listings in multiple categories and regions, search  through them, and display them in premium / non-premium type of tears.



Each listing is provided with:

- address & phone numbers
- automatic google maps
- small description 
- detailed description
- pictures
- website address
- extra scripts for integrating with: facebook, twitter, paypal, etc. 

All content is crawlable by search engines. It's a powerful feature that will help you make revenue from your site.



In addition to the above features, our system collects all the stats you need to justify the price you will charge to list businesses, individuals or other organizations in your business directory.

The stats are available in hourly, daily or monthly reports. They are also available in raw format - for the number crunchers (in an excel compatible format).

The information we collect is simple: we record every hit to each listing. We record business name, date and time, visitor IP address, visitor browser, HTTP referrer. 



Pricing depends on the number of listings present in the database on a monthly call us for more info

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