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Host multiple domain names on your website

We've added a great functionality to the CMS. You can now manage multiple domain names within the same CMS, and yet customize the meta tags and google tracker code for the entire browsing session of your visitors, and you can even set a different home page and master template per domain.

This is a great feature that allows you to deliver better SEO by having domain names show a different page of your website as the home page for your visitors. By allowing you to pick a master template per domain, you can push this concept even further but having each home page also appear differently.

This mechanism is completely transparent to visitors and search engines. 

There are two main uses for this module:
1) you want to point several domains to your website, but you want to track how visitors reach your site on a per-domain basis
2) you want to host several websites that share enough content that they should be managed by the same CMS, yet you want some variations on the home page
3) you want to show the same content, but an entirely different look and feel according to the domain name
4) you want a different set of templates for mobile browsers, to make mobile users' browsing experience more enjoyable. Probably the best feature. 

This is a very powerful feature. We can even change the IP address of your website according to the domain that is used to access the website. This is a desirable effect when you want each domain to really appear as separate websites.

Stay tuned, this feature keeps being improved and perfected.

-- Your Dedicated LVSYS Team

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