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New goodies: 301 redirects, eCommerce, admin access

Hi There,

Right in time for Christmas, we delivered a few features that have been needed for some time.

You can let customers select "pickup" as a shipping method. This new shipping method is optional, and can be turned off from Website-> Global Settings -> Product Plugin.

Admin Panel
Added fine grained access level to the admin panel sections. For example, you can allow a user login to only access the "Members" section (if you have the business directory), or the "Orders" section (if you have eCommerce). This feature allows you to ensure your website editors only edit what they are supposed to, all other sections will be hidden

Added a section to manage your 301 redirects. Traditionally, this was performed with mod_rewrite into your .htaccess files, which means only LVSYS could do it. We felt it was more important to let you in control of your 301 redirect. For those who don't know what a 301 redirect stands for, here's the quick explanation: it's a way to redirect an old URL to a new URL while preserving your search engine rankings for that old URL onto the new URL. it's very important, especially when you get a website makeover.

Happy Holidays -- and stay tuned for more updates. We have some goodies on the pipeline for January

-- your dedicated LVSYS Team

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