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How to reorder articles and products

A question that comes up often: how to change the order of articles, re-ordering products.

All articles, products, events, listings, etc are part of a category. Here's how you find which category the article is in, and how you re-order

1. Login to the admin panel

So first, login to your admin panel. Then go back to the website and refresh the page you were on. "Edit-this" links should appear because the website noticed you were logged in as admin.

2. Find the article

Edit the article you want to re-order. On the new admin panel window that appears, stay on the 'content' tab and scroll to the bottom of the window until you see the "category" dropdown. That's the category in which the articles (or product, etc.) is listed.

3. Find the category

Now, still within the admin panel, go to the related category section (Newshelp->Category, or eCommerce->Category) and click on the category that listed .

4. Re-order the articles (or products)

Go to the 'Articles' or 'Products' tab where all the articles or products associated with the category are listed. Drag and drop the line-items around, once you're pleased with the new order, hit save. 

That's it. Go back to the website, refresh and make sure the items are listed in the correct order.

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