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Making a hyperlink to a url or website

There are several ways you can make a hyperlink to a URL with the LVSYS CMS, when you are editing an article, an event or anything else.

Linking to another website, or to a long URL on your website

It's a simple process, that the Wysiwyg editor handles very well. Here are the steps:

  1. Cut-and-paste the URL into the editor
  2. Highlight the text
  3. Click on the 'chain' link icon (to the left of the anchor icon, on the 2nd toolbar). The 'chain' icon is only enabled when you have highlighted text already. 
  4. A dialog window appears. You only need to enter the URL of the page or website into the "Link URL" field. 
  5. Click 'insert' at the bottom of the dialog.

That's it, you're done.

Linking to a page within your website.

Linking to a page within your website, navigate to the page, copy the URL to the clipboard and follow the instructions of the previous section.

Advanced Linking

We support much more advanced linking, and these techniques will be covered in another article. For example, using a picture to link elsewhere. Or getting page validation to make sure your links are active. Etc. For most users, this section is not needed.

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