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Google updated its algorithm - should I worry about my website tagged as a Content Farm ?

So Google updated its algorithm to weed out Content Farms from its search results, defined as websites providing "duplicated, dubious or low quality content".

It's a big update affecting 12% of global US search queries.,0,3215807.story

What is a content farm?

Think of and other websites that create results with poor content. That's what Google is after. Websites that scrape content from other sites, or offer poor ecommerce products. 

You know these sites.

They are the irrating ones that gravitate towards the top of search results and that you've come to ignore over time.

I am an LVSYS Customer and I don't understand this. Should I worry?


We systematically add "canonical url" tags to all webpages served from your non-primary domain names to prevent search engines from penalizing you.

Your content is legitimate. You will not be tagged as a Content Farm

What if I own multiple root domain names and have them pointed to my website, will my site be tagged as a Content Farm?

Well, maybe.

If you are an LVSYS Customer, you have nothing to worry about. Our CMS ensures that your website plays by the rules.

If you are not an LVSYS Customer, the solution will be to add a "canonical url" tag to all pages of your website when they are served via your oher domains. This tells the search engine "This website is not a content farm, the content you find here is duplicate, just like a 301 redirect, go find the original content here..".

Or, redirect these domains with an HTTP redirect from your domain manager, of have your programmers make a 301 redirect.

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