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Admin Panel fully supports Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft released Internet Explorer 9 in March 2011; and of course, IE9 introduced several minor incompatibilities with our admin panel.

We've quickly worked through the issues and are proud to announce that we're fully compliant with IE9 - and all other modern browsers. As part of the upgrade: we upgraded the HTML editor to the latest version. We tend to upgrade the HTML browser only on an as-needed basis, versus an as-avaialble basis just because we favor stability over features. Anyhow, this time around we gave you the latest shiniest HTML editor that was available.

As always, make sure to let us know if you find issues so that we can quickly correct them.

In general, while the Admin Panel works great in IE, we don't recommend Internet Explorer for a daily use of the Admin Panel. Chrome is by far the best browser, followed closely by Firefox and Opera. We develop with Internet Explorer on a regular basis, but for a daily use, we find the browser too slow compared to the others.

We will admit that Internet Explorer 9 appears to load significantly faster that its predecessors, a refreshing change - but still.... it's brand new and few of its inconsistencies have been uncovered yet. History has proven many times that Internet Explorer is full of quirks.

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