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Even better Facebook integration, support for OpenGraph, making your page more visible when people "Like" your Facebook page

Today, we released a batch of changes to improve our Facebook integration, so that your content is properly displaying on Facebook when your visitors "Like" your content.

Basically, whenever an article is displayed, we make sure to expose the proper OpenGraph settings so that Facebook picks up:

1. The proper article title

2. The proper excerpt for your article: the first 165 characters of article body or summary if present

3. The proper photo of your article: the first photo you associated to the article.

4. We set the open type to 'article' to properly reflect that people are liking 'content' pages. 

Check how your articles would display on Facebook by going to the following url, courtesy of Facebook:


Stay Tuned as we keep rolling out features.

-- Your dedicated LVSYS team

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