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Still alive and going strong - new features for the summer

It's been two months since our last update. We've been busy. We've hired great new people. We're added more modules and made the system better for you.

Here's a snapshot of all the new features:

  • eCommerce
    1. Coupons (Promo codes) - shoppers can redeem your coupons at checkout and benefit from a discount
    2. Support for Subscriptions - allow magazines to process subscriptions in a native shopping cart experience
    3. Enhanced shipping policies - you can set shipping fees according to the total dollar value of the shopping cart. Great way to simplify shipping charges and to pass on savings to your customers
    4. We added a few payment methods like paypal IPN and "Bill me later"
  • Article Module
    1. Break articles in "Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3" for your long articles by using ( ( break ) ) codes throughout your articles. You can go further by renaming tabs too instead of "Page 1", it could be "Day 1".
    2. Support facebook Open Graph so that "Facebook Like" pulls the correct image from the article, and the proper headline and copy
    3. Allow article to be displayed in gallery-mode
  • Business Directory
    1. Added description and pricing to business levels
    2. Added business deals
    3. Business listing edit by members
    4. Support for business deals
    5. Support for business reviews (comments)
  • Events
    1. Allow visitors to submit events, and to store their info in cookies for speeding up multiple entries
    2. Accept comments on events
    3. support for event permalinks
  • CMS
    1. Many minor bug fixes and improvements
    2. Support for IE9
    3. Wysiwig editor upgrade
    4. Tighter security
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