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In addition to the core features, our CMS comes with additional modules that can be purchased separately. These plug-ins are here to help you publish, organize and collect content in different ways. At this time, the following plug-ins are available:

Template Manager Modify and design your own templates. Requires some basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. All our sites come with preconfigured templates.
Event Calendar Create events with accompanying slideshows and pictures. They will be visible on a small calendar and available through a “latest events” box on a home page (for example). In addition, you can set events to be automatically renewed on a set interval, for example, every other week, or every other month. You can have expired events be automatically deleted or archived.
News Articles Create a newspaper-like website. You can create articles, article categories, cross-post articles to multiple categories, organize articles within their categories, show slideshows and pictures for each article and each category, search the article base, schedule articles to be visible on a specific date range (for example, just for the summer) and choose to have articles appear in the Event Calendar. Similar to the events, you can choose to expire or auto-archive articles past a due date.
Advertising Module Set up "advertising zones" and display advertising campaigns. Full reporting module providing real impressions and click data, without search engines or pre-rendering false impressions or clickthroughs. Set up permanent campaigns or fixed date campaigns. Give some advertisers more weight than others. This module will generate revenue for your website.
SEO Audit Module Centralize the editing of all SEO meta title, meta description, and H1 tags of articles, events, products, business listing, and web pages via one searchable screen, making SEO tuning much more convenient. Search your SEO and make updates to your keywords in seconds.
Customer/Contact Management Module (CRM) Record contacts and contact activity every time a new or existing contact interacts with your website; for example, when submitting a form or order or commenting on an article. This module provides a strong core of automated features that are supplemented with manual options so you can efficiently organize your customers/contacts.
Site Search Feature Allow visitors to search your entire website for specific keywords. All content will be searched, and the results will be offered in a simple results list.
Online Store (Ecommerce) Feature a product catalog, product categories, and shopping cart so that you can sell items from your website. These function very similarly to the event and the article functions. You can display your products in grid views and by categories, search the product base, let visitors submit reviews (into an approval queue), and buy products off of your website.
Form Designer Create all kinds of forms. It is most commonly used to create a contact form to let visitors send you messages. You can design a form with any of the following elements: Plain text fields (optionally, the contents of these can be reviewed for valid entries); check boxes for yes/no answers; radio button and drop-down lists for single-choice answers;  and simple lists for multiple answers. Additionally, you can insert column breaks, line breaks, and informative text (labels) into your forms. You can rearrange each line by dragging it up or down the list. You can also choose which fields are required, and which are not.
Blog Editor Write and maintain simple, informal information on a website. The widespread blogging trend makes this plug-in a favorite among our customers. You can add pictures and slideshows to your blogs and keep them live. This plug-in is searchable and provides a calendar so that users can browser through past blog entries. Our blog plug-in is SEO friendly: All links contain the associated blog entry title, making it easy for search engines to index.
Photo Galleries Host an unlimited number of photo galleries. You can invite visitors to submit pictures taken during an event or any other occasion. Unlike slideshows, photo galleries show both a collection of thumbnail images and, next to it, a larger picture view so that visitors to your site can jump to any picture in the gallery quickly and easily. Visitors will be able to auto-play the gallery, showing each picture with a peaceful fade-in fade-out transition.
Third Party Integration Scripts Integrate third-party Javascript or HTML to pull content from another website (such as YouTube videos, Google Maps, OpenEx Ad Banners, or Facebook) with one of our most powerful plug-ins. The script is sent through the CMS without validation or parsing, ensuring 100% compatibility with our rendering engine.
Content Smart Tagging Display scripts next to similarly-tagged content, an efficient way to manage a smart advertising system on your website without the cost of third-party ad systems. 
Random Quote Display a line of text that automatically changes at a set interval or that can be paged through with arrows. It’s the ideal plug-in for displaying short announcements, quick news, or random quotes from famous figures.
Sale Coupons Create your own discount coupons. Visitors will be able to print, cut and bring coupons to your store. It's a must have for many website, with or without the ecommerce plug-in
Booking Engine Allows visitors to book multi-city trips with hotels, attractions, car rentals, airfares and trains, integrated with a third-party booking engine. It's a must-have for any travel or tourism organization.
Travel Oregon Orb This plug-in integrates with Travel Oregon Orb database, another must-have for any travel or tourism organization in Oregon State.

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