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How to build your online brand, time for a checkup

Here we are in 2012;  a new year with new possibilities for your business.  Well today we would like to present to you a late New Years resolution that you might not have had planned before the champagne was popped.  This is the year to get serious about how your services or products are being presented to your online audience, and how to make it work for you.

First thing to put on your radar is creating company profiles online with relevant websites. To that end, there are lots of B2B social networking sites available to help you establish your business "profile" similar to Facebook. One of the advantages is that the embarrassing company Christmas party pictures don't have to be posted.  You're just here to make it known what your company does, how great of a job you do, what your customers recommend, and connect with business relationships.

What You'll Need To Get Started

  • A legible image with your company logo in jpg, gif, or png format (the one on your website will usually suffice) 
  • Pre-written copies of your company mission and an overview of your services/products (don't write a novel, just get to the point without boring them!)
  • 2-3 hours a week to make connections with other businesses on these websites
Now don't let that last point scare you ... it's much easier than it sounds. A good way to start would be targetting businesses that offer services or products complimentary to yours. For example, a restaurant would likely follow/fan/subscribe to business profiles of wineries it buys from.

An online business profile is a great way to connect a company with an industry: locally, nationally and internationally. It will allow the company will reach further out and promote products and services to customers connected to its network indirectly.

Here are 5 websites (obvious to many) that will help you get seen. While you look around, observe how other businesses are using them and then just jump in and try it out. Remember, LVSYS is here to assit you in the process, don't hesitate to give us a call and we'll design a strategy fit for your business.

  1. LinkedIn
  2. Facebook Pages (need to be logged in first)
  3. Manta
  4. Gist
  5. Jigsaw
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