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Long awaited, the archive is here, pushing the CMS into the cloud.

After several months of development we're proud to announce that our archive module is here.


In a nutshell, the archive allows you to do the following tasks:

  1. move articles (events, products, listings, booking engine suppliers, etc.) out of the CMS and into an offline database for long term storage. 
  2. provide archive search by allowing your website visitors to search the archive
  3. share content between multiple websites, that is if your multiple websites are all on our platform
  4. Use the API to connect to the archive. Ideal for syndication, print-to-web processes, or if your website is not powered by the LVSYS platform

The technology

The archive is built on top of SOLR which is a database created for storing and searching billions of items within seconds. Major companies are using SOLR for their websites. eBay. Craiglist. eHarmony. Netflix. TicketMaster. Apple. Disney. Cisco. And more.

How it work in the CMS - the process

We're bringing this technology to the table, and we're doing it in a way that is transparent to the CMS. You will be able to:

  • Export and keep a copy in the CMS
  • Export and delete from the CMS, defined as archiving. The article will remain accessible via the archive search function.
  • Import from the archive and replace an existing article
  • Import as new into the CMS

The two import functions mentioned above have been designed for organizations who want to dump articles into the archive in bulk, as a way to transfer them onto the CMS. Mainly for newspapers and publications in need of a print-to-web process.

Furthermore, importing articles back into the CMS offers the option to overwrite:

  • date of publication
  • categories associated with article
  • summary
  • title

The system will allow you to peek at articles without having to import anything.

Content Sharing & Syndication - a CMS with a Cloud twist

The archive brings true cloud computing to our CMS. There is only one archive for all our websites. Each website gets its own space into the archive. Multiple websites can opt to access each other's archive on an unlimited basis, or on a metered basis.

In a scenario where a company owns multiple websites running on the LVSYS platform, the archive would allow these three websites to move content with each other without having to cut and paste articles. All you would have to do is 1) select the archive to send an article to, 2) from the recipient webiste, pull articles from a selected archive. 

Events, Business Listings, Booking Engine Suppliers and Articles all have access to the archive.

Stay tuned, this feature is evolving quickly!

The Archive API

The API is an option for you if you do not have a CMS on our platform, but wish to utilize our archive for syndicating your events, articles or other items. Not a problem. We have an API you can use to interface with our archive, for exporting and importing articles.

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