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The LVSYS Loop: Application Development and More

Creating the perfect app for your business has never been easier with LVSYS.

Application Development

Does your current software system do everything you need it to? If not, LVSYS can help you improve. LVSYS has years' worth of experience in engineering, managing, and updating business applications for a wide variety of systems. Your software can be updated to modern standards and expectations, or LVSYS can create a brand new application.

LVSYS builds and manages mobile apps, web apps, and traditional desktop apps, and uses a central database for multiple apps on different devices. LVSYS can build cross platform apps, so you're able to access your business anytime, anywhere.

Our software experience covers systems including:

  • Inventory Management
  • Finance (QuickBooks) Integration
  • Form Builders
  • Data Entry Streamlining
  • Point of Sale Integration

LVSYS will assess your needs and make recommendations based on your current system. From there, we either work with the existing software or design and build new software to help you accomplish your goals.

To schedule a consultation, call (503) 468-4886 or email

What's on the horizon?

We've got some new modules and features in production to better enhance the LVSYS experience.

  • Subcategories - We're updating our category system to better control the ordering of categories and creating of subcategories. Categories in every module will receive the updated treatment.
  • New Stripe Content Editor - Our new Stripe Editor will give better control on how article content is laid out and structured, making it easier to control where photos and text are displayed.

Don't hesitate to call (503) 468-4890 or email us for any questions!

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Web Design Tips

"Building a Color Profile"

To make your website stand out, you'll want to choose complementary colors that go well together. Start with your company's logo for 1-3 colors to begin working with. Matching the site with the colors already in your logo will give your brand a unified look and a website that will be pleasing to the user's eyes.

From there, you can flesh out your color profiles by incorporating lighter and darker shades of your base colors. You'll use these to accent content and give some variety to the site. A button or link can change to a lighter or darker shade to give a visual feedback when the a hovers over it, granting the user an enhanced experience with your site.

Finally, you can round out your color profile by incorporating shades of grey. This will give your website definition and make your base colors stand out more against the neutral tones.

Just Launched!

We've recently deployed a new site. Check out the latest additions to the LVSYS Platform:

  • Ergo4Health - An ecommerce site offering a new supplement to support your kidney health.

Now is the perfect time to refresh your website. We're a full service web agency that can handle your messaging, design, coding, and hosting. Talk to us and see what we can do. Give us a call (503-468-4890) today!

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