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The LVSYS Loop: Point of Sale Desktop Notifications, Amazon Fulfillment and More

This month at LVSYS we're rolling out some new features for the LVSYS Platform and the LVSYS Desktop App.

Fulfillment by Amazon

Take your site's eCommerce experience to the next level. The LVSYS Platform has integrated with Amazon to offer support for Fulfillment by Amazon.  Fulfillment by Amazon lets you store your products with Amazon and utilize their warehouse infrastructure and shipping network to deliver your orders.

Inventory management is handled automatically between Amazon and LVSYS.  As soon as you send inventory to Amazon and orders are shipped out, your site will be updated and kept in sync with the available inventory on Amazon.

Orders received on your site are automatically submitted to Amazon for fulfillment.  Once Amazon has shipped your product, the LVSYS platform will send a branded email to your customer with the order's tracking information.

Contact  to learn more about Fulfillment by Amazon.

LVSYS Desktop App Notifications

We've introduced a new way to use the LVSYS Desktop Application to get real time updates if a new order has been received from your eCommerce site.  While logged in, the Desktop App will give a popup notification the moment there's a new order.  This allows your sales staff to remove inventory from the sales floor as soon as an item has sold online without having to rely or wait on emails.

What's on the horizon?

We've got some new modules and features in production to better enhance the LVSYS experience.

  • Subcategories - We're updating our category system to better control the ordering of categories and create subcategories.  Categories in every module will be getting the updated treatment.
  • New Stripe Content Editor - Our new Stripe Editor will give better control on how article content is laid out and structured. It will be easier to control where photos and text are displayed.

Don't hesitate to call (503-468-4890 ) or email ( us for any questions!

Sign up for ACH Debit Payments Today

If you're tired of late fees, try signing up for ACH Payments. It's free to set up and there are no fees like a credit card. All we need is a voided check and you're good to go. Contact  to sign up today.

Web Design Tips

"Choosing the right image"

Different types of image files perform differently on the web.  When choosing photos for your site, you'll want to make sure that your photos are the right size. Larger photos take longer to load, so your photos should be as close to the size you need as possible.  A 400x300 image will load faster than the same image at 1200x900.

The photo type can also have an impact on a webpage's load time. Different formats allow you to do different things with photos.  The common photo types you'll see are:

  • JPG - Your standard image format, JPG images are compressed to save space. The compression can blur fine lines to make them appear blocky, and they can't save any transparency.
  • PNG - PNG images aren't compressed, letting you get the full detail of the image.  They're ideal for logos, and any images that need transparency.  However, webpages take longer to load PNG images and they take up more space.
  • GIF - Gif images keep the same quality as the original image, but reduce the number of colors to save space. It supports transparency and simple animations, but the file size is sometimes larger than PNGs.  

Our image conversion tool lets you convert an image between JPG, PNG, and GIF.  Make sure your photo fits what you need.

Just Launched!

We've recently deployed a new site. Check out the latest additions to the LVSYS Platform:

Now is the perfect time to refresh your website. We're a full service web agency that can handle your messaging, design, coding, and hosting. Talk to us and see what we can do.

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