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The LVSYS Loop: Property Management Module, Image Conversion & More

Last week we added the new premium Property Management Module to the LVSYS Platform. The Property Management Module makes it easy to incorporate and manage Property Listings on your site

  • Organize Property Information - Using an interface just like our Article Module, the Property Management Module lets you organize any information related to the property listing. The property size, price, amenities, location, contact information, and more can all be easily edited and formatted. 
  • Property Categories - Categories let you group various properties together by location or type of property. Users will be able to sort and search through the different categories for the properties they're most interested in.
  • Property Amenities - Global amenities can be easily added and removed from your property listings.

Contact LVSYS today to see how the Property Management Module can be incorporated into your site.

Image Conversion Functionality

Now deployed across all of our sites is our image conversion functionality. This lets you convert images from one format to another directly from the backend, and gives you the option of overwriting the old photo. You can find it on your site today under All Tasks > Files > Images.

What's on the horizon?

We've got some new modules and features in production to better enhance the LVSYS experience.

  • Subcategories - We're updating our category system to better manage and control categories and create subcategories.  Categories in every module will be getting the updated treatment.  Coming next Quarter.
  • Image Cleanup - When a site has hundreds of photos, it can be hard to go through and manage all of them. Our image cleanup script will filter all the photos that aren't currently in use so that they can be deleted to free up space or incorporated into new content.  Coming next Quarter.
  • New Stripe Content Editor - Our new Stripe Editor will give better control on how article content is laid out and structured. It will be easier to control where photos and text are displayed. Coming next Quarter.
  • Application Development - Have a new web or mobile app idea? LVSYS is currently expanding into application development.  Increase your company's productivity with a custom made app backed by ASP.NET, AngularJS, and more.

Don't hesitate to call (503-468-4890) or email ( us for any questions!

Sign up for ACH Debit Payments Today

If you're tired of late fees, try signing up for ACH Payments. It's free to set up and there are no fees like a credit card. All we need is a voided check and you're good to go. Contact to sign up today.

Web Design Tips

"2 Click Approach - Simplify Navigation"

The longer it takes a visitor to your site to reach a page they're interested in, the more frustrated they'll get.  Your site's content should be easy to find and easy to reach.  That's why we recommend the "2 Click Approach".

The 2 Click Approach has an easy test: if it takes a user more than 2 mouse clicks to reach a page, the site's navigation might be too complex.  Simplify things by including main page links in your menu and creating landing pages for groups of content.  Call to actions can also help direct a user to important information.

Just Launched!

We've recently deployed a new site. Check out the latest additions to the LVSYS Platform:

  • - A website that hosts and showcases the Nelscott Reef Big Wave Classic Surfing event every year.

Now is the perfect time to refresh your website. We're a full service web agency that can handle your messaging, design, coding, and hosting. Talk to us and see what we can do.

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