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The LVSYS Loop: Image Cleanup Tool, Application Development, and More

LVSYS is now deploying our Image Cleanup Tool across all of our sites. This is the next installment of site management tools that we are releasing to help you successfully manage your website.

  • Mark Unused Photos in Your Library - As a site grows and changes, photos will be added and removed from content but not necessarily from the site. The Image Cleanup Tool searches through your website looking for images that are no longer actively being used and marks them for you.
  • Reuse or Remove Marked Photos - Photos have been marked and are consuming space on your site can be filtered out and deleted. You might also find a photo that you'd like to use again.

Creating the Perfect App for your Business

Does your current software system do everything you need it to? If not, there are always improvements to be made. LVSYS builds and manages mobile apps, web apps, and traditional desktop apps. Here are a few systems that we focus on:

  • Inventory Management
  • Finance (QuickBooks) Integration
  • Form Builders
  • Data Entry Streamlining
  • Point of Sale Integration

We assess your needs and make recommendations based on your current system. From there, we work with either the existing software or design and build new software to help you accomplish your goals.

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What's on the horizon?

We've got some new modules and features in production to better enhance the LVSYS experience.

  • Subcategories - We're updating our category system to better control the ordering of categories and create subcategories.  Categories in every module will be getting the updated treatment.
  • New Stripe Content Editor - Our new Stripe Editor will give better control on how article content is laid out and structured. It will be easier to control where photos and text are displayed.

Don't hesitate to call (503-468-4890) or email ( us for any questions!

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Web Design Tips

"Plan Content for SEO"

Organizing the content on your site can have a large impact on SEO. Search Engines prefer it when you have pages dedicated to a specific service or product. Listing everything together on one page can dilute the messaging and reduce the relevancy of the page itself.

The content of your site should naturally guide a user towards what they're looking for, and it should be reflected in your SEO as well.

If you have further questions about SEO, email us at

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