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The LVSYS Loop | September 2016

The LVSYS Loop
August 2016

What's new with LVSYS?

Check out the latest updates on the LVSYS platform:

  • Log in to the backend faster than ever with our updated login page!
  • You can update your website with a simple email! The LVSYS platform will convert it to an article, attach the photos to it and post it to the correct category. Learn more here!
  • The top menu was redesigned in our newest upgrade to make it easier to use.
  • We added a mobile responsive design for the CMS.
  • The buttons are smaller so you can see more of your work while you're editing.
  • When editing an article, your toolbar now sticks at the top of your window as you scroll down.
  • Now when you click "save" and your page reloads, your scroll bar will return you to the section you were editing.

If you have any questions, send us at email at:

Web Design Tips

  • Less is more. Whether you’re creating a new article or updating an existing one, remember the following rules:
    • Use a clear headline
    • Use relevant images
    • Limit articles to 500 words
    • Limit paragraphs to 5 lines
    • Use bullet points and numbered lists when listing items
    • Avoid changing the color of text
    • Use the sub headings (h2, h3) to separate and identify different sections
  • When hyperlinking within your site, use relative urls. This means, instead of placing the whole url in the Link URL box (, simply type the last part of the url (contact) into the box.
  • When uploading images, make sure they’re sized appropriately to fit the template you’re using. If you don’t know exactly what the image size should be, it’s better to upload images on the larger side and the template engine will size it down. If your image is too small to fit the template requirement it will suffer pixelation and appear blurry or grainy.
  • Make sure fonts are legible. Script fonts, while beautiful, may be harder to read on your website. Sticking with larger and simple fonts will make your content easy to read.

Retainer Plans

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