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Upgrades deliver faster CMS, websites and servers

As a part of our ongoing commitment to enrich the value of your LVSYS system, we deployed a series of upgrades aimed at speeding up your CMS and Website. 

As a result, the following performance increases have been achieved:

    -     Website Page Loads -  From 200% to 1000% faster.

    -     CMS Admin Page Loads -  From 400% to 800% faster.


Why is speed so important? Visitors are more likely to stay on your website longer and faster website response times matter for Search engine rankings. We take speed very seriously.


Page load times vary depending on the type of website, traffic and time of day. The improved performance of the system is noticeable during casual browsing and even more so during very busy times when traffic is higher. On average, most website home pages are returned from between 200 and 500 milliseconds - not counting static content, images and scripts, which are cached by web browsers once downloaded.


Over the summer, we upgraded network, cpu and disk drives speeds across our data center – as you may recall from a prior newsletter -  doubling or tripling the performance of the servers.


In the past month, we rolled out many software upgrades aimed at optimizing server response times, using a mix of memory caching techniques, software and database improvements. These changes have increased web page loads by up to 20 fold in some instances.


Please let us know if you notice your website isn't performing as fast as you think it should. Advertising, social media streams, newsletter widgets, weather widgets and other third party scripts may slow down final page load times for your visitors.  Please contact us and we can discuss adjustments to help make your website load faster.

Stay tuned. We will continue to work on speed improvements.
Your dedicated LVSYS team 


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