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Editing, SEO and Web Design Resources

Here are a list of common resources that are often needed for editing and building a website. We're sharing these links with everyone because these are the tools we regularly use to build our websites.

Domain Resources

Complete DNS Lookups

Email server lookup (MX Lookup) 

Website editing resources

Latitude and longitude coordinates from an address: 

Html image maps without writing any html: 

Random "filler content" - useful when building article or product structures that need content later:  

Stock photography - photos as low as $2: 

Icons database - free: 

SEO - search engine research tools

Google Analytics - track your visitor's trends and activities on your site. 
NOTE: G.A. does not report actual traffic served by the web server, but only traffic from human visitors and should be used for trend analysis. Our traffic tool under 'Account->Reports' represents actual traffic.

Google Webmaster Central: 

Keyword research by analysing keyword relevance: 

Website grader - biased and changes often, but a good tool for a temperature check: 

Web design resources: 

Convert desktop fonts (TTF, OTF, etc) to web formats: 

Convert images to base64 encoding 

FREE fonts web-ready: 

Color research, for combinations: 

Outside template database for ideas: 

Lorem ipsum generator:  

Stock photography - photos as low as $2: 

Icons database - free: 





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