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Custom Programming Expertise

We have been writing software for 15 years, catering to a wide range of industries. As as result, we developed an expertise in many areas of the software development landscape (see below). We drive our development process with industry standard methodologies that have a long track record of results. This way, the software we create meets the maximum level of quality, robustness, uptime, maintenance, and scalability.

Don't hesitate to contact us with your project ideas. Then, we'll get in touch with you to get more information and potentially setup a phone call. We're fine doing everything via email, if that's your preference; we're flexible, and will adapt to your comfort level. Once we've gathered enough information about the project and listened to all your requests, we'll send you a proposal and wait for your response. It's that simple!




LVSYS has expertise in the following technologies:

Databases Microsoft SQL Server, MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle
Languages: SQL, PL-SQL, Transact-SQL
Web 2.0 XHTML, Xml, Json, Javascript, ASP.NET, PHP, Apache, Nginx, IIS, HTML, Soap, Web Services, Ajax, jQuery, AngularJS
Microsoft .NET Framework Desktop Clients, Servers, ASP.NET web sites;
languages: C#, C++, VB, HTML, XML
Java J2EE Applets, Desktop Clients, Servers;
languages: Java, HTML, JSP
Embedded systems Arduinos, Android, Intel x86, 68000, Atmel AVR
languages: Basic, C, C++, ASM
Network communication TCP/IP, UDP/IP, SMTP, HTTP, FTP
Network frameworks Microsoft Remoting Services & CORBA
Operating Systems Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix

LVSYS implements a software development process that conforms to industry standard methodologies. These methods ensure the high quality of the software we produce.

Design Patterns / Java use-cases Provide time-tested guidelines for creating software and resolving challenges
Source Control Versioning software that provides a safety net for programmers allowing them to fix problems 'back in time'. Ensures 100% backup of the software. We primarily use GIT, but also are used to CVS, Subversion and Vault
Unit Testing Ensures software meets quality requirements going forward. Prevents regressions. Equivalent of auto industry crash-tests
Benchmarks & Simulation Test environments in which the software is tested under stress. Ensure the software meets the specifications, and behaves in a stable way under unpredictable load

Type of applications we regularly build:

  • Intranet Websites
  • Multi-threaded applications
  • Appealing user interfaces
  • Real-time displays
  • Reporting user interfaces
  • Configuration tools, typically for configuration clients
  • Remote up-time monitoring servers
  • All kinds of servers: Database-to-email schedulers, payment processors, etc.

All these applications involve multi-threading (highly responsive), network connections, interaction with the user and with other programs, and automation.

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