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Track advertising campaigns by adding utm_source and utm_campaign parameters to landing urls

If you want to identify successfully which ad campaigns bring you traffic, then you cannot solely look at the referrer website.

Often times google and facebook will refer traffic to you from other sources or through ad networks that are not being served on the advertiser referrer website.

Sorting it all out can be a mess. Which is why you should follow the standards and add utm_source, utm_campaign and other utm_xxxx params as mentioned by google in this very convenient Google URL builder:

The LVSYS traffic reports consolidate and merges the data of your ad campaigns to deliver the simple answer you are ultimately looking for: do the campaign work and do they bring you traffic. Identifying conversion becomes then very easy. In addition the LVSYS tracking system adds back the utm_xx params to the Referrer URLs allowing you to properly identify conversion rates.

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