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Social Media & 3rd Party

3rd Party Script module allows you to embed widgets from any source. Facebook connect, Twitter, Google Maps, Paypal, YouTube, Vimeo, OpenX, Calendars, etc. There is virtually no limit to which widget you can insert on your templates.

In addition, our system is able to generate automatic maps with Google maps, automatic Stats tracker with Google Stats, automatic YouYube videos and slideshows.

"The power of the system lies in the Script Module"

As one of our customers once said, the power of the CMS lies in its 3rd Party Script module. It allows you to pull information from any place on the internet, and display it natively within your website.

We always make a point to keep your visitors on your website. Social media is a great marketing tool, but you are not marketing Facebook, Twitter or Google. You are marketing your company with them, and you should always keep your visitors on your website.

It brings in more traffic, and gives you more exposure.

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