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Deploying new look for 2012, expect lots of small changes overtime

You may have noticed a slightly improved look on the admin panel, going wider.. we will be updating the look and feel of the system over the next few months. The updates will happen over time, smoothly to prevent disorientation.

If you're having issues with the admin panel not looking right, make sure to "RELOAD" your page with the browser refresh button... it will force the new stylesheets on to your computer.

On the list of changes:

  1. usage of entire screen (long due) - it's called a fluid layout
  2. use of stripes to help read list views
  3. wider photo selector to provide more caption text
  4. lots of minor adjustments

Coming soon:

  1. new look for the side bar.
  2. ability to hide/show columns
  3. access to most clicked items
  4. messaging center
  5. notifications
  6. and more, but we won't reveal it all quite yet.. 


Update of March 17th 2012: Continue reading here

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