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FAQ and How-To Tutorials

This section will share with you some how-tos, and respond to frequently asked questions. Make sure to use the search box in the menu bar to find precise answers to your questions

Editing, SEO and Web Design Resources

Here are a list of common resources that are often needed for editing and building a website. We're sharing ...

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Publish your store to Google Shopping

Your online store can reach a wider audience when you submit a data feed to Google Shopping. It's fairly ...

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How to add page breaks to html

We often get the question about creating HTML that sends proper page breaks to the printer. This article ...

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How to make OpenX work with your website

Every so often we integrate OpenX adertising in websites we build and deploy, but not often enough to ...

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Adding page breaks and named tabs to articles

You can now break down long articles into simple page breaks by adding ( ( break ) ) (without spaces) ...

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Automatic Post to Facebook

Many of you have wondered how to update both of your website and Facebook Page at the same time, from ...

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Making a clickable link to an email address

This section will teach you how to make a clickable link to an email address with or without the Wysiwyg ...

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Adding a youtube video to articles, events, listings or products

The LVSYS CMS supports native youtube videos in its slideshows. Adding a youtube video a simple process. Using ...

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Making a hyperlink to a url or website

There are several ways you can make a hyperlink to a URL with the LVSYS CMS, when you are editing an ...

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How to reorder articles and products

A question that comes up often: how to change the order of articles, re-ordering products. All articles, ...

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SEO 101 - how to optimize a web page for SEO

This is our most frequently asked question. How do I optimize my website for SEO?

Luckily, the LVSYS CMS has built-in SEO, but that only goes so far. You have to write your content in a way that is friendly for search engines, which means using keyphrases and keywords in your page titles and article headlines that are very relevant to the articles or pages in question and to what you are trying to sell. You need to get in the mind of your target audience.

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