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Lots of new features for 2016!

Product attributes, abandoned carts, wish lists, multiple taskbar options, new widgets. 

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Updated Sales Tax Rates for Jan 2016

Sales tax rates have been updated for Jan 2016

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Upgrades deliver faster CMS, websites and servers

As a part of our ongoing commitment to enrich the value of your LVSYS system, we deployed a ...

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Faster Navigation - Cloud Drive Storage

 Faster servers, support for Cloud Drive Storage, and more. 

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URL Conflicts Widget - eCommerce Additions

URL Conflict Widget, How to embed web copy, New Directory Fields, and more.

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Accept PayPal IPN, RSS Feed Subscriptions

Send support text messages to (503) 468-4890, it will convert to help email, CMS improvements, accepting paypal IPN.

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Multiple Edit & New eCommerce Features

Multiple Edit, Download Sales into Quickbooks, Club Shipment updates, and more

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Updated December 2014 Sales Tax

We updated December 2014 tax rates for Alaska, Alabama, Arizona.

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Updated November 2014 Sales Tax

We updated November 2014 tax rates for Alaska, Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Georgia, ...

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More SSL patches. HeartBleed and Poodle

In recent months, several SSL vulnerabilities have been discovered. We've received multiple emails from ...

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Quickbooks Import - Filtering Options - Content Update

Quickbooks, List filtering Improvements, Content Update Form, Preview Button, Sales Reports

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Updated September 2014 Sales Tax

We updated September 2014 tax rates for Alabama, California, the District of Columbia, Delaware, ...

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Mobile App, Mobile Recognition & Search Settings

LVSYS Newsletter - August 2014

What's New at LVSYS

Mobile responsive templates and the newly release mobile app are ready for you to implement today. We've also made it easy to merge categories and sharpen search results.

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Publish your store to Google Shopping

Your online store can reach a wider audience when you submit a data feed to Google Shopping. It's fairly ...

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Updated August 2014 Sales Tax

We updated August 2014 tax rates for Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, ...

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Updated July 2014 Sales Tax

We updated July 2014 tax rates for Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, ...

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New eCommerce Features and Ad Sharing

Automated Daily Sales Reports, Product Groups and Attributes to Enhance Product Searches, Cold Chain Added to Shipping Rates, Share your ad with another Website

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Updated June 2014 Sales Tax

We updated June 2014 tax rates for Alaska, California, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, North Dakota, ...

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Updated May 2014 Sales Tax

We updated May 2014 tax rates for Alabama, Alaska, Idaho and South Carolina

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Quickbook Importing - Ad Module Reports - Quick Check Out

LVSYS Newsletter - April 2014 What's New at LVSYS Since our last newsletter, we made improvements ...

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